Combating desertification in Central Asia

Following on from our sponsorship of Rosie, we are excited to have engaged directly in the propagation of drought resistant saxaul trees (haloxylon amenodendron) which are a vital part of the effort to combat desertification in central Asia. Our  project connects with work the UNDP has been doing. Seeds were planted at a nursery near Almaty in Kazakhstan in late November 2021, and we will be delivering 300,000 seedlings to be planted out in autumn 2022.

The Aralkum Desert experiences a temperature range from +40C to -20C; winds lift and carry salt from the former seabed to as far afield as central Europe. Central Asia has experienced unusually hot and dry summers in recent years, and there is increasing pressure on water resources within the river basins that flow north from the Tien Shan and Pamir mountains. Saxaul, a native of the region, is well adapted to these conditions having a wide tolerance of drought, salt and cold.  It is not a rapidly growing carbon sink but key to fixing soil, preserving biodiversity, and arresting desertification.

Following on from our pilot we intend to scale operations as fast as possible. Please contact if you would like to know more about the project and how you can become involved.





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