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Klere was founded by business professionals driven to make a real difference in addressing the environmental challenges the world faces. We are ambitious to see Net Zero Carbon 2050 become a reality. Building on our core programme delivery, business transformation and sustainability skills, we are determined to assist our clients in this emerging area by ensuring they are receiving the best assistance.

At Klere, we don’t just want to do good, we want to be good. Helping other companies transition to a sustainable future wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t a journey we’d been on ourselves.

Helping businesses become sustainable with comprehensive strategies

B Corporation

Our ambition to be a company that benefits both planet and people has been bolstered by the guidance of the B Corporation Impact Assessment framework. The process of analysing the impact Klere has on our employees, customers, communities and environment has shone a light on the improvements to be made as well the areas where we are excelling. All of this starts with the foundations – we’re making legal commitments to embed a ‘triple bottom line’ into the formation of our business.  Klere’s success is not just for shareholders, but our colleauges, clients, environment and society too.

We’re working as a team to achieve B Corporation certification and the prize at the end won’t be just the B Corps badge, but a fair, impactful organisation with empowered, happy employees.

At Klere, transparency is key and everyone’s voice is heard. We value the education of our people and expect them to apply that not just to our client work but to every aspect of Klere life:

  • Together, we’re reviewing and improving policies on diversity, equality and inclusion

  • We’re measuring and lowering targets on our own carbon footprints and committing to offset what can’t be eradicated

  • We’re building social and environmental considerations into all Klere decision-making

Sustainability strategy for business


At Klere, we practice what we preach. We want to make a difference and we know that starts with us. Please check back to follow our progress as we work towards B Corporation certification and grow into being the change we want to see in the world.

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