Nature-based solutions

Klere is investing directly in projects delivering biodiversity gain and carbon sequestration.

We also believe that to manage, you must first measure: our work in biodiversity footprinting provides the first stage in assessing where your impacts and risks lie.

This contributes directly to TNFD reporting, which can be dauntingly complex, and secondly enables the formulation of a mitigation strategy via biodiversity credits which are balance sheet assets, providing a more justifiable benefit than the simple grant funding of projects.

Environmental regeneration

The need for restoring the earth’s natural carbon and biodiversity balance is now a mainstream part of the climate debate. Loss of biodiversity is acknowledged to be a significant contributing factor.

Biodiversity Footprinting

Klere is leading ground-breaking work in biodiversity footprinting. We have developed a bespoke methodology to measure biodiversity impact, enabling asset owners and managers to compare the biodiversity footprint of their investment or operation, in a way that is analogous to carbon footprinting.

We classify impact across Scope 1, 2 and 3, in the same way as carbon. Scope 3 supply chain impacts can be calculated for any asset or industry an expressed in an absolute or intensity metric that is directly comparable across assets and industries.

Our metric is expressed in DEFRA Biodiversity Units commonly used in the UK property sector but applicable across all industries.

A marketplace for nature

We believe that to drive funding at scale into nature, a marketplace where suppliers of biodiversity credits is needed, enabling corporate buyers to select the combination of locations and ecosystem services that best matches their impacts and risks.

Klere has built a digital marketplace to answer this need, currently in beta testing, and over the coming months intend to build an offering of assured credits available for purchase.


Klere Earth offers a solution to fulfilling carbon and biodiversity commitments simply, while helping land custodians undertake the nature restoration the planet urgently needs.

Our first projects are showcased in the Insights section and cover natural regeneration in North Wales and action against desertification in Central Asia. We have learned a lot along the way and bring our experience to bear in what we offer our clients and partners.

We assist our clients by:

  • Identifying offset opportunities

  • Promoting nature-based solutions

  • Fulfilling sustainability commitments

  • Providing full transparency and assurance

  • Building green credentials

  • Promoting sustainable messaging

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