Nature-based solutions

Klere is investing directly in projects delivering biodiversity gain and carbon sequestration, and working on an ecosystem services marketplace, a platform for providers and buyers of a range of ecosystem services – trees, carbon offsets, biodiversity gain, flood protection, arid land restoration, and other environmental benefits.

Environmental regeneration

The need for restoring the earth’s natural carbon and biodiversity balance is now a mainstream part of the climate debate. Loss of biodiversity is acknowledged to be a significant contributing factor.

Net Zero

Achieving net-zero is challenging and will take time. However, biodiversity units and voluntary market carbon credits can be acquired now to complement net-zero strategies and offset ‘the last 20%’, and many companies are doing so.

A marketplace for nature

Klere’s marketplace will enable providers of ecosystem services to post offers, and allow corporate and individual buyers to browse and buy. It will give farmers an added non-conventional income stream – carbon or biodiversity units as a ‘crop’ – and mitigate against pressures to sell land to carbon generating investment funds at a time when traditional subsidies are being wound down and the familiar UK landscape put at risk.


Klere Earth offers a solution to fulfilling carbon and biodiversity commitments simply, while helping land custodians undertake the nature restoration the planet urgently needs.

Our first projects are showcased in the Insights section and cover natural regeneration in North Wales and action against desertification in Central Asia. We have learned a lot along the way and bring our experience to bear in what we offer our clients and partners.

We assist our clients by:

  • Identifying offset opportunities

  • Promoting nature-based solutions

  • Fulfilling sustainability commitments

  • Providing full transparency and assurance

  • Building green credentials

  • Promoting sustainable messaging

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