Climate change is having a wide range of impacts on businesses and the global economy.  The drive for sustainability is redefining the corporate landscape, and ESG concerns have now become a central concern for business.  An effective sustainability strategy enables businesses to mitigate physical and reputational risks, and benefit from early adaptation and the value that sustainable performance brings.

The efficient thing to do

Sustainability demands innovation. New sustainable business models and products drive value and reduce costs, whilst reducing the impact on natural resources and reducing waste and emissions.

The competitive thing to do

Purpose-driven businesses with sustainable values have more engaged employees, are more attractive to today’s investors and consumers, and perform better against their peers.

The compliant thing to do

Environmental and social regulations are tightening and reporting regimes are becoming more rigorous. Businesses must remain ahead of the curve and anticipate how to strengthen their governance.


Klere Horizon is our sustainable strategy product. We assess your business’ sustainability performance and risks, identify solutions and opportunities, and build a plan to align your business operations towards making a positive impact on planet, people and profitability.

Sustainability Strategy discussions

We’ll help you discover your business’s sustainability impact, identify key opportunities and prioritise the initiatives that will contribute to improved performance.  Aligning your corporate requirements with a sustainable vision will result in positive corporate outcomes.

We assist our clients by:

  • Building the evidence base

  • Delivering defensible options

  • Optimising investment

  • Evaluating business cases and submissions

  • Securing investment


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