Strategy Building, Delivery and Reporting

There are frequent announcements by governments and companies regarding emissions reduction and net-zero commitments. However, these are all too often characterised by statements of broad generality – lacking in clarity and credibility – which causes scepticism at best, accusations of greenwashing at worst.

Klere’s approach is to take the client through a principled and rigorous methodology which provides a clear and readily understandable strategy and thereby avoid such pitfalls. At the same time this provides stakeholders – particularly customers and investors – with the confidence they need in the company’s ESG delivery.


Stage One is to establish baseline GHG and ESG metrics. This enables us to map out where the principle impacts of climate change and the regulatory environment lie within the business, using the approach of double materiality: impacts that affect the business but also that the business causes.


From the baseline and carbon metrics, the second stage is constructing the business’s climate and ESG risk (and opportunity) register, and setting targets: for emission reduction and selected ESG KPIs across the business.


Klere’s business transformation and project management experience is then brought to bear in Stage Three: building and managing an actionable sustainability strategy, with priorities and timelines and governance structure to monitor progress and ultimately deliver on the targets.


The Klere methodology is geared to formal reporting within the GRI framework, one of the three principle and most widely adopted international frameworks. The result is clear and auditable corporate messaging across the company’s social  media, and also fulfilling formal non-financial reporting requirements.

Timeline and Cost

For our four stage project with a mis-size client we generally estimate a 12 week engageement – but we can begin with a limited scope first stage GHG measurement exercise and agree further steps once we have the baseline.

Please contact us for a outline prospectus and quotation.

Sustainability Strategy discussions

We’ll help you discover your business’s sustainability impact, identify key opportunities and prioritise the initiatives that will contribute to improved performance.  Aligning your corporate requirements with a sustainable vision will result in positive corporate outcomes.

We assist our clients by:

  • Establishing the baseline

  • Building the risk register

  • Prioritising strategy and actions

  • Delivering against targets

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