Innovative business transformation

Businesses are under increasing pressure to respond to external forces and sustainability related risks whilst maintaining business operations.  These conflicting demands can strain management resources and result in poor decisions and poor execution.  Change will only be successful with clear leadership and planning.  Our focus is to deliver programmes that improve your business and speed your transition to a sustainable future.

Build in Sustainability

Businesses should be on a constant evolutionary journey, now is the time to re-orientate your business to embrace change and sustainable ways that deliver value.

Integrated Solutions

Without a holistic integrated approach, programmes struggle to achieve their desired outcomes.  Ensuring there is systems-wide view will enhance the chance for success.

Assured Delivery

Klere’s governance approach ensures the desired outcomes are delivered.


Klere Change is the solution that helps our clients achieve their ambitions.

Organisational change and programme delivery come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why our approach is flexible, yet pragmatic and designed to support a range of needs and deliver the desired outcomes.  Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to develop and manage your requirements and implement the most efficient delivery approach.

Klere’s focus is on helping optimise our clients’ business by identifying and planning the change that delivers value, maximises ESG benefits, and minimises risks.

We assist our clients by:

  • Challenging operational strategy

  • Planning complex change

  • Delivering complex programmes

  • Assuring outcomes and benefits

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